Letters from our customers|  Information on part-time jobs at 7-Eleven

7-Eleven is totally committed to providing friendly services to our customers.
We receive various comments and opinions from customers on a daily basis and here are some of them.

From Ms. A, Tokyo|  Information on part-time jobs at 7-Eleven

From Ms. A, Tokyo

I stopped by the xxxx store in Yamaguchi on a weekday morning the other day. When I bought two “onigiri” rice balls and a drink, the service offered by a store clerk was wonderful.
One of the two cash registers was closed at the time when I stood in line for the other cash register, but a store clerk called out to me, “We're sorry to have kept you waiting. Please come over here,” as she operated the other cash register and guided me. Handling the “onigiri” rice ball I chose, she said, “This is really delicious. I also like this,” and casually added, “I think our “inari-maki” (sushi rice wrapped in fried tofu) is also tasty, so please try it out next time, if you like.”

What I tend to encounter more often at convenience stores are uniform and perfunctory expressions recommending their products, and I was impressed that she communicated a simple message in her own words. If you can further promote such services with informal communication among other 7-Eleven stores, customers may give you higher marks.
I remember that the name of that store staff who talked to me was XXX.
I would appreciate it if you could convey my gratitude to her for the wonderful service and communication.

From Mr. B, Osaka|  Information on part-time jobs at 7-Eleven

From Mr. B, Osaka

I love the coffee you make yourself beside the counter and often use the service. I wanted to have a cup of coffee today, and bought a cup for iced coffee. Just when I was about to pour the coffee, the cup slipped through my hand, so the bits of ice in the cup spilled all over the floor.
A female staff member promptly brought a new cup to me, and another female staff member cleaned the floor.
That these two workers quickly responded to the situation with a smile, not expressing unpleasant emotions, made a deep impression on me.

I couldn't say “Thank you” at the time, so I decided to send this email.
Thank you very much for your kind response!
I will visit the store again in the near future.

From Mr. C, Gifu|  Information on part-time jobs at 7-Eleven

From Mr. C, Gifu

I stopped by a 7-Eleven store the other day, on my way from Kichijoji Dori to Tohachi Doro. Entering the parking lot was quite easy because it was spacious. Not feeling anything different from other 7-Eleven stores, I used the restroom and was so surprised! The restroom was clean and comfortable and I found a sign on the wall saying “Thank you for always using this restroom in a clean and tidy manner.”

With the restroom kept in a clean condition by the store, a customer not only feels comfortable but also tries to use the restroom in a clean and tidy manner, indeed. This was really the cleanest lavatory that I've ever used in a convenience store! I hope this store will be used as a benchmark model by 7-Eleven, so that the message that “7-Eleven stores offer a truly comfortable space” will spread to more and more customers.

Then I bought a cup of drip coffee, but was at a loss about what I should do with the empty cup received. The person at the cash register kindly led me to the coffee server and gave me a simple explanation on the dripping method. My tiredness from work disappeared quickly. I savored the delicious coffee and was soon on my way home.
Thank you very much for the wonderful condition and the service. I strongly recommend that the responsible people visit this store one of these days to list the store as a candidate when there is an opportunity for commendation of 7-Eleven stores!

From Ms. D, Hokkaido |  Information on part-time jobs at 7-Eleven

From Ms. D, Hokkaido

I use a 7-Eleven store about 3 times a week, on the way to and back from work, and the store manager's attitude invariably leaves a very favorable impression on me. He is always cheerful, talks very clearly and briskly but carefully puts each purchased item into the bag without making the next customer feel irritated.

These are really the basics of store operations, but the fact is that there are many store clerks who just can’t cope in this way.
When in a line at the counter, I tend to become a little impatient more often than not, but with this store manager, standing in the line does not lead to any feeling of impatience at all. I’d say that I even want to learn from him the hints on how to effectively deal and communicate with other people.
As I receive my purchase and leave the store, he'd say, “We look forward to serving you again! Please be careful on your way!” in a friendly and heartfelt way, not just some monotonous repetition. I feel this is perhaps the most pleasant 7-Eleven store I've ever visited and do believe it deserves commendation.

From Ms. F, Fukuoka |  Information on part-time jobs at 7-Eleven

From Ms. F, Fukuoka

At around 17:30 on October 16th, I did some shopping at a 7-Eleven store and put some garbage in the trash can. I later noticed that I had carelessly put my medicine and health insurance card in that bag with the garbage. Finding this out 2 hours later, I went back to the store and told a store clerk in his early 20s about this. He then brought in a number of garbage bags and searched for the items, without any unpleasant expression on his face at all. Thankfully, both items were found, and I thanked him, although I could not confirm what his name was.

I imagine that the store manager also gives outstanding guidance and instructions to this store's staff members. If you have any commendation to recognize such excellent service, I would like to recommend the store clerk and the store manager. Thank you very much again for the kind help.