Internsip for part-timers only

Why not acquire skills you can utilize in the futureat the 7-Eleven Academy?

A 2-month internship for part-time students only that combines classroom learning and practical training!

Do you know the term "stock-keeping"? It's something that all employees put into practice daily in their part-time job. Come improve your skills at the Academy and learn useful knowledge you can apply to job hunting, interviews and your actual job!

Details of 2018 program

Scheduled to be held in major cities across the country As soon as the schedule is decided, you will receive guidance at your store.

Day 1

  • When you're learning, your job becomes 100 times more fun.
  • What are the principles of stock keeping?

Day 2

  • It's not just placing orders! Let's learn "stock-keeping"
  • thought that can be applied to any other task!

Day 3

  • What should I do to boost my store's sales?
  • Let's think about it together and share our ideas!

Day 4Midterm presentation

  • Present your
  • "sales boosting strategy".

Day 5Final presentation

  • No need to worry about the results!
  • Get experience talking in front of people!
First, apply for a part-time job!
  1. Additionally…
  2. If you are a student at a university, graduate school, vocational school or junior college, let us introduce you to our "recommendation system for member store employees."
  3. Through this system, if you have been working for more than one year in a Seven Eleven Japan store (and you are not currently involved in job hunting), you may be exempted from one step of the selection process during Seven Eleven Japan new graduate screening.
  4. (High school students do not qualify)