Convenient during your trip or suitable for souvenirs.
Original products at 7 Eleven Japan.

7 Eleven Japan offers a wide range of originally manufactured products, convenient during your trip or suitable for souvenirs. Find your favorites among the following recommendations, and get them at one of our nearby 24-hour outlets.


The result of Japanese simplicity, in your hand.

Golden Rice Ball
Golden Rice Ball Lightly Chargrilled Salmon Belly
¥195 (¥210 incl. tax)


A tear from the top, and two pulls from the side of the pack gives you Japan’s best traditional snack. And the “Kin no Musubi” line makes it crisp and streamlined. Aside from the clearly higher cut of filling and rice, one thing which literally stands out is the perfectly crisp slab of nori without molding with the rice, and the incredible fillings don't suffer from bad preparation. This is truly a gold medal for traditional rice balls with a tasty twist.

Grind and drip a fresh cup of coffee for you.

Seven Caffe
Hot Coffee: regular ¥93 (¥100 incl. tax) / large ¥139 (¥150 incl. tax)
Ice Coffee: regular ¥93 (¥100 incl. tax) / large ¥167 (¥180 incl. tax)


Start your day with a hot cup of coffee. Or refuel with a quick ice coffee when you are busy. The regular size coffee here is really fresh and for only 100 yen (incl. tax). Take a cup for ice coffee from an ice cream fridge or order a hot coffee from the cashier and get a cup, and make it with the coffee maker on the store counter. You can see the coffee beans on top of the machine and enjoy their smell as the coffee is brewing. And you can pick up some sweets or a savory rice ball for a snack to go with your coffee.


Sandwiches with all the trimmings, and the crust cut off.

Crispy Lettuce Sandwich
¥232 (¥250 incl. tax)


With easy to open packages, using minimal plastic, 7-ELEVEN sandwiches are the perfect choice for your breakfast. The “Shakishaki (crispy) lettuce ”sandwich betrays common knowledge of soggy lettuce in pre-wrapped sandwiches, and gives you thick, fresh lettuce in mouthfuls. Going beyond just fresh in the sandwich lineup is the “Mix sandwich”, with three separate halves: Tuna, Egg Salad, and ham and cheese with lettuce. Eaten in stacks or individual halves, this will hold you over until dinner.


Straight from famous shops whenever you need it.

Seven Gold
Cup ramen "NISSIN Famous Restaurants"
Ippudo Red Hakata Tonkotsu
¥258 (¥278 incl. tax)


The preparation is just as fun and multi-layered as eating it!
The world famous "Ippudo" from Hakata, standards in Hokkaido "Sumire" from Sapporo and "Santoka" from Asahikawa, the instant ramen version of these influential shops can be recreated. Aside from simply adding boiling water, the soup base, flavoring, dried veggies, a slice of dried pork are wrapped individually and the noodles are a cut above to ensure the authenticity. Enjoy it.

donut donut

Take a quick and sweet break with a donut.

Custard Donuts ¥112 (¥120 incl. tax)
Soybean Flour Donut ¥93 (¥100 incl. tax)
Chocolate Old Fashion ¥93 (¥100 incl. tax)

Did you know that donuts are very popular in Japan? To try some you do not have to risk getting lost. Just choose a donut and point to what you want from the case on the counter at 7-ELEVEN. They are a small tasty treat you can enjoy anytime. Combine a soft “funwari ring” donut or a crispy “choco old-fashion” one with a fresh coffee for a quick sweet break or add it as dessert to a bento box lunch to take with you.

Popular skin care products among tourists to Japan.

White Washing Cream
¥460 (¥496 incl. tax)

yuki yuki

Pamper yourself with some of Japan’s excellent skincare products. It can be difficult to choose between products. It is much easier to pick up what you need from the smaller selection here. The SEKKISUI skincare line is an exclusive 7-ELEVEN product developed jointly with KOSE. Clean your skin with the creamy face wash that is sales totaling over 14 million, and then relax with the mask. It is very smooth and rich. Just unfold the mask, adjust it on your face, and relax for ten minutes. A special treat delivering high transparency and moisture deep into your skin.



Additive-free skin care jointly developed with FANCL.

Botanical Force
1-Day Skincare Trial Set
¥350 (¥378 incl. tax)

Additive-free formulas that are gentle on the skin, made using select plant extract components such as Argan oil and rose hip work to fix all your skin care needs. The skincare trial set is perfect to clean and care for your skin in the evening and in the morning: cleansing oil, washing foam, essence emulsion, and essence lotion. Not only for trial, it is good to take with you when you are out to stay somewhere overnight for the package is very small and light and will fit into the smallest handbag.


Change your nail color with ease, without cotton.

Quick Remover Sponge In
¥286 (¥308 incl. tax)


After You have joined in the fun and played with your nail color, the Quick Remover Sponge In is very practical. To remove your old nail polish, you only have to put your finger into the cute pink bottle. Touch the sponge inside with your nail and turn. No liquid comes out and nothing else is necessary to clean your nails. This is Japanese design at its best: cute, functional, and easy to use.


A stimulating and fresh solution to body odor.

Ag DEO24 Men's Office Deo
Body Soap / Hair Shampoo / hair conditioner for men
Bottle: ¥647 (¥698 incl. tax)
Refill: ¥462 (¥498 incl. tax)

Adopting harmonage technology, the refreshing fragrance of the cool citrus changes unpleasant smells such as aging odors into a pleasant scent. The greatest characteristic of this brand "Ag DEO24 Men's Office Deo" jointly developed with Shiseido, remove aging odors as well as the smell of sweat and oil of men. The quick lather of both the shampoo and body wash have just a hint of coolness, leaving you fresh and approachable. Finishing off with the conditioner revitalizes your hair, and makes you feel clean and cool. They come in bags, which can be used to refill your currently empty bottles at home, lowering cost.