Jointly developed product by SEVEN&i and KOSE 雪肌粋 SEKKISUI PUEODUCED BY KOSE CSV.product The best selling skincare productin 7-Eleven stores in Japan Have you heard of SEKKISUI ~ For creating a skin as beautiful and clear as snow ~ “SEKKISUI” is a popular skincare product only sold at 7-Eleven.It is a herbal brand that mainly blends adlay essence along with other Japanese and Chinese plant components that are helpful for the skin.

Moisturizing components included in SEKKISUI The Potentials of Japanese and Chinese Plants


Adlay essence may be familiar with people who have had Adlay tea.Only small amounts are extracted from the seeds of annual plants in Indochina. The unthreshed seeds are referred to as adlay, while the threshed seeds are called coix seeds.
Maintains moisture and prevents rough skin.
Outstanding Popularity A valuable 4 sheet set also available! Over 10 million sold!

Cosmetic Mask for Translucency

The effects of skin lotion + milky lotion + beauty essence for dull skin. The soft and thick sheet attaches to the skin, delivering moisture deep into the keratinous layer of the skin

Includes adlay essence [moisturizing component]
Includes saxifrage essence [moisturizing component]

30mL 1, sheet ¥300 (¥324 incl. tax)
30mL 4, sheets ¥900 (¥972 incl. tax)

White Washing Cream

Clears the keratinous layers that has dullness and melanin and also the pores with a creamy foam. A facial cream that helps give high transparency to the skin.

Includes adlay essence [moisturizing component]

80g ¥460 (¥496 incl. tax.)
120g ¥600 (¥648 incl. tax.)
Out of all SEKKISUI products, “White Washing Cream” and “Cosmetic Mask for Translucency” gain the most popularity.What are the reasons behind this?
4reasons for The ir popularity!
Out of all SEKKISUI products, “White Washing Cream” and “Cosmetic Mask for Translucency” gain the most popularity.What are the reasons behind this? 4reasons for The ir popularity!

1. Satisfying high comfort & effects on the skin

White Washing Cream is highly recommended. It foams well and the soft but resilient foam gives extra brightness to the skin.
For all products

2. Affordable Price & Compactly Sized

Can be used up easily and perfect for trying the first time. The quality of the White Washing Cream is especially worth noting considering the price at ¥460!
For all products

3. Perfect as a Souvenir from Japan

The perfect size and price as a souvenir. Of course, it's MADE IN JAPAN.
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4. Can be Purchased Anytime

Can be found easily even when on a tight schedule! Take your time with sightseeing during the daytime and stop by the nearest 7-Eleven at night. The number of stores with tax-free services are also increasing.

Product Lineup

We recommend using according to series of the products

Moisturizing Cleansing Oil

Cleansing Oil

A cleansing oil that keeps the skin moist while cleaning off makeup and washing the pores. Can be used with wet hands.

Includes adlay essence [moisturizing component] ,loquat leaf essence
[moisturzing component],adlay oil [emolient component],and squalane[emollient component].

88mL ¥830(¥896 incl. tax)
 Pure Whitening  Lotion

Pure Whitening

An item that refreshes and clears the skin. A medical whitening essence that gives that fresh transparency of snow to the skin.

Includes adlay essence
[moisturizing component]

80mL ¥1,200 (¥1,296 incl. tax)
Pure Emulsion

Pure Emulsion

A milky lotion that gives a fresh & smooth skin with its milky cream effect and keeps as well as protects the moisture of the skin.

Hawthorn essence
[moisturizing component]

80mL ¥1,200 (¥1,296 incl. tax)
Lotion  Mist

Lotion Mist

A mist-type beauty lotion that freshens the skin and fully replenishes with one push. Can be used over makeup as well.

Includes adlay essence
[moisturizing component]

35g ¥500 (¥540 incl. tax)
Perfect UV Gel

Perfect UV Gel

Provides a fresh sensation. Doesn’t require a specific cleansing product, making it a gel type sunscreen that can be easily used everyday.

Includes adlay essence
[emollient component]

50g ¥700 (¥756 incl. tax)
Perfect UV Milk

Perfect UV Milk

Doesn’t appear white and maintains moisture. A smooth and well running, milk-type sunscreen. No specific cleansing product required.

Includes adlay essence
[emollient component]

30mL ¥700 (¥756 incl. tax)
Perfect BB Cream

BB Cream

This item covers the skin, yet gives transparency. A BB cream that naturally conceals stains/ dullness while providing skincare.

Includes adlay essence
[emollient component]

01: Slightly bright, natural color
02: Natural skin color with regular brightness

30g/2 colors
¥1,200 each (¥1,296 incl. tax)

Order of Use

A skincare set convenient for traveling also available!

A skincare set perfect for traveling or for the first time

Skincare Set

[Included in set]
  • ●Moisturizing Cleansing Oil 24mL
  • ●White Washing Cream 20g
  • ●Pure Lotion [Quasi-drug] 24mL
  • ●Pure Whitening Emulsion [Quasi-drug] 28mL
¥1,200 (tax incl. ¥1,296)