In addition to the standard 'Makunouchi Bento' lunch box, which has a well-balanced mix of rice and various side dishes, we have also put together 'Gyudon', 'Katsudon', 'Oyakodon' and 'Chinese-Style' bowls with rice and side dishes.

Popular Foods

  • Our Favorite Makunouchi Bento
    ¥430 (tax incl. ¥464)
    Made with our most popular bento side dishes.
  • Large Gyudon with Specially Aged Beef
    ¥398 (tax incl. ¥429)
    Each piece of beef is quickly and carefully simmered one at a time for a tender taste.
  • Meat Deluxe! SEVEN-ELEVEN's Exclusive Katsudon Roast Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl
    ¥498 (tax incl. ¥537)
    Using dedicated facilities and an iron pot, each piece of pork is cooked quickly in high heat to make this pork cutlet rice bowl, available only at SEVEN-ELEVEN.
  • SEVEN-ELEVEN's Exclusive Broiled Chicken Oyakodon Rice Bowl
    ¥430 (tax incl. ¥464)
    Topped with our signature flame-broiled chicken.
  • Half a Day's Serving of Vegetables!
    SEVEN-ELEVEN's Exclusive Chinese-Style Rice Bowl with Rich Umami Flavor
    ¥498 (tax incl. ¥537)
    Stir-fried pork and vegetables cooked together produce a rich umami flavor.
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