Chilled Cup Drinks

A variety of satisfying chilled drinks including deliciously smooth, rich yogurt thickened with aloe and fruit pulp from strawberries, blueberries and more - perfect for breakfast or a snack.

Popular Foods

  • Seven Premium
    Strawberry yogurt drink
    ¥120 (tax incl. ¥129)
  • Seven Premium
    Plain yogurt drink
    ¥110 (tax incl. ¥118)
  • Seven Premium
    Blueberry yogurt drink
    ¥120 (tax incl. ¥129)
  • Meiji
    Oishii Gyunyu 200ml
    ¥112 (tax incl. ¥120)
  • ITO EN
    Ichinichibun no Yasai
    (A daily worth of vegetables)
    ¥100 (tax incl. ¥108)
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