Onigiri (rice balls)

Freshly-cooked plump rice stuffed with salmon, tuna mayonnaise, umeboshi plums, and other fillings wrapped in savory nori (dried seaweed). A simple snack that can be eaten with one hand any time, anywhere.

Popular Foods

  • Handmade Tuna Mayonnaise Onigiri
    with Rich Mayo and Extra Filling
    ¥115 (tax incl. ¥124)
    High-quality tuna flakes with a rich flavor and pleasing texture and makes this product truly satisfying.
  • Handmade Onigiri
    with 48-Hour Aged Salmon
    ¥140 (tax incl. ¥151)
    After salting, the salmon is aged for twice the usual time, giving an even better taste.
  • Handmade Onigiri
    with Pickled Kishu Nanko Plum
    ¥115 (tax incl. ¥124)
    The filling is made from pickled Nanko plums from Kishu, Wakayama Prefecture, which are reknowned for their excellent flavor.
  • Handmade Triple-Stuffed
    Hidaka Kelp Onigiri
    ¥110 (tax incl. ¥118)
    Simmering kelp in dark soy sauce enchances its taste, creating a flavor that combines both ingredients for a more savory kelp.
  • Handmade Agodashi Spicy Cod Roe
    ¥140 (tax incl. ¥151)
    The intense umami flavor of the spicy cod roe skin further improves the taste of the roe.
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