• How to buy & make “SEVEN CAFÉ”

How to order:

  • Hot

    I'd like a hot coffee, R-size, please.

    For hot coffee or hot café lattes, please order at the register.

    When you order at the register, you will receive a white cup for hot coffee, or a brown cup for hot café lattes.

  • Ice

    For ice coffee or ice café lattes, take an ice cup from the freezer.

    Bring the clear ice cup from the freezer to the register.

How to operate the coffee machine:

  • 1Open the door and set the cup in place.

  • 2Push the menu button.

  • 3The machine will prepare delicious coffee.

*Please feel free to use the cup lids, straws, sugar, gum syrup, etc., available next to the coffee machine.

  • Hot Coffee R
    ¥93 (tax incl. ¥100)
  • Hot Coffee L
    ¥139 (tax incl. ¥150)
  • Ice Coffee R
    ¥93 (tax incl. ¥100)
  • Ice Coffee L
    ¥167 (tax incl. ¥180)
  • Hot Café Latte R
    ¥139 (tax incl. ¥150)
  • Hot Café Latte L
    ¥186 (tax incl. ¥200)
  • Ice Café Latte R
    ¥167 (tax incl. ¥180)
  • Ice Café Latte L
    ¥232 (tax incl. ¥250)
  • *All pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only.
  • *Product specifications, prices, and release dates may vary by region.
  • *Some products may not be available at certain stores.