Try our popular SEVEN-ELEVEN original sweets, including our rich, flavorful classic cream puffs, puddings and dessert cups you can eat anywhere.

Popular Foods

  • Cream Puff (Custard)
    ¥120 (tax incl. ¥129)
    A rich cream made by adding extra vanilla beans to whipped cream.
  • Cream Puff (Custard & Whipped Cream)
    ¥140 (tax incl. ¥151)
    Made from European-reared eggs, fermented butter and flour milled along the French Ruisseau de Chou for a great taste and texture.
  • Eclair (Custard)
    ¥130 (tax incl. ¥140)
    A highly fragrant blend of cacao from three countries is the secret of our éclair's aromatic chocolate.
  • Custard Pudding
    ¥178 (tax incl. ¥192)
    The smooth taste of our classic custard pudding.
  • Cake (Chestnut)
    ¥278 (tax incl. ¥300)
    A popular sweet now featuring even more mousse made with roasted Italian chestnuts.
  • Mitarashi dango
    ¥148 (tax incl. ¥159)
    The sauce that coats these dango gives them their distinctive sticky texture.
  • Hokkaido Adzuki Bean Daifuku
    ¥88 (tax incl. ¥95)
    Sweet bean paste made with adzuki beans from Hokkaido gives this product its springy texture.
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