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7-Eleven is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Providing ATM and Wi-Fi services and offering a wide variety food, drinks, cosmetics and goods.
*Some locations not included.

7-Eleven Tax-free Shops

Tax-free services are available at 7-Eleven.
Limited to items for personal use outside of Japan.

Click here for details on tax-free shops.pdf(2.33MB)
Click here for directions to tax-free shop locations.pdf


You can withdraw Japanese Yen with your ATM card
using the Seven Bank ATMs at 7-Eleven locations.
ATMs can display English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional),
Korean, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese, French,
German, and Portuguese,
and both ATM and credit cards can be used 24 hours a day.
Assistance is available using the handset (English-language,
24 hours day, year-round)
※Some services may be unavailable due to maintenance.
Some services may be unavailable at some locations.


Accepted Cards

icn_card icn_card

※Some credit cards cannot be used even when correct logo is displayed.
※Your financial institution may charge additional fees.


Free Wi-Fi service is available at all 7-Eleven locations
marked with this logo.
*Some locations not included.

This mark shows stores with 7SPOT available

Foreign visitors can use
the "Japan Connected Free Wi-Fi" app to connect.

Japan Connected Free Wi-fi

  • Free
  • One hour
    each time
    Three times
    a day
  • High-speed

Credit cards accepted.

Accepted credit cards.

icn_credit_card icn_card


At Seven-Eleven, customers can find a wide variety of products
- everything from original onigiri and bread to cosmetics.

Seven Gold

Seven Gold

Our products are made to provide both flavor and quality surpassing even speciality shops at a competitive price. We offer our own brand of hamburgers, bread, frozen food, cup ramen, and even beer.

Click here for details.

Seven Premium

Seven Premium

We go all out to ensure that our products: 1. are safe, 2. are delicious, 3. provide local flavors, 4. are made using cutting-edge technology, 5. use universal design, 6. are healthy, and 7. are sold at a reasonable price.
Products are developed using the shared know-how of every company in the Seven & I Holdings group.

Click here for details.



Sekkisui - traditional Chinese medicated skin care products made from Job's tears and other Japanese and Chinese plant extracts that are gentle on the skin.
Sekkisui's White Washing Cream is particularly popular, both in Japan and overseas.

Click here for details.


Botanical Force

Botanical Force

An exclusive Seven & I brand developed in collaboration with FANCL.
Additive-free formulas ensure safe products that are gentle on the skin, made using select plant extract components that work to fix all your skin care needs.

Click here for details.


  • Onigiri (rice balls)Onigiri (rice balls)
  • SandwichesSandwiches
  • Bread (fresh-baked) Bread (fresh-baked)


Restrooms at 7-Eleven are free to use.


Some locations do not have restrooms
available for customer use.

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