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November 27, 2000
- Today, at two 7-Eleven stores in Tokyo - Installation starts for "Seven-Navi" multimedia terminals Beginning with services for shopping, photo printing, tours & leisure, CDs & DVDs, and music downloading   (26.3KB)
August 7, 2000
Establishment of a Joint Venture, Seven-Meal Service Co., Ltd. Starts "Meal delivery services" in Kawaguchi City and Urawa City from September 4, 2000   (26.1KB)
July 25, 2000 Starts "Book Sales Service" from August 1 Tying up with e-Shopping! Books Corp. to free consumers from delivery charges   (25.0KB)
June 22, 2000 Open for Business––site begins by offering music, travel, merchandise and gifts, car-related services, and photos   (52.8KB)
February 29, 2000
Seven-Eleven Japan Makes a Full-scale Entrance to the Meals-on-wheels and Public Nursing Care-related Market Sets up a joint venture with NICHII GAKKAN, Mitsui & Co., and NEC to begin community-oriented services that link its stores and the Internet   (33.1KB)
February 21, 2000
Revision of the Year-end Dividend for the Fiscal Year Ending February 2000   (21.2KB)
February 1, 2000 established on February 1, 2000   (24.7KB)
January 6, 2000
Seven-Eleven Japan Establishes Joint Venture to Undertake Full-Scale Development of the Electronic Commerce Market ––Joint venture with NEC, NRI, Sony, Sony Marketing, Mitsui & Co., JTB, and KINOTROPE will be one of the largest EC businesses in Japan and operate at the forefront of its field––   (42.0KB)
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