Message from President


In November 2023, Seven-Eleven Japan celebrated its 50th anniversary. On behalf of all of us, I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to the many people that support Seven-Eleven Japan, including our customers, franchisees and their employees, suppliers, shareholders, employees, and local communities.

Over the past 50 years, Seven-Eleven Japan has continued to grow and gain the support of many customers by evoking feelings of thankfulness for the convenience and quality that we offer. Those same 50 years have seen dramatic changes in society and the values of our customers, especially in the past few years. To remain a valued part of society for the next 50 years, we must continue to provide economic value while pursuing new ways of offering social value to help solve social issues.

The world is becoming more convenient, but we are also seeing the rise of various social issues such as an increase in lifestyle-related diseases, a declining birthrate and aging population, depopulation of rural communities, and environmental issues. In addition to Seven-Eleven Japan’s traditional strength in providing convenience, we are moving toward our goal of “Making the future brighter together” by developing our own visions for the future in four areas: Health, Community, Environment, and Human Resources.

In the area of Health, specific initiatives include improving both the tastiness and healthiness of food by increasing our ratio of fresh food offerings that meet Nutrient Content Claims. For Community, we are aiming to increase food self-sufficiency and create local employment by developing merchandise and holding fairs that use raw ingredients that are local to each region. To improve the Environment, we will take on the challenge of achieving the goals of the Seven & i Group’s environmental declaration, GREEN CHALLENGE 2050, ahead of schedule, with the aim of building a circular economy. In Human Resources, we aim to create a society where all people can play active roles by providing a high-quality work environment as part of the labor market.

Of course, these challenges are not something we can achieve on our own. With the opinions and cooperation of our stakeholders, Seven-Eleven Japan will continue to take on further challenges as we position our 50th anniversary as a start toward a new future.

President & Representative Director

Fumihiko Nagamatsu