Corporate Profile

Head Office

8-8, Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8455, Japan

Phone Number 03-6238-3711
President Fumihiko Nagamatsu
Date of Establishment November 20, 1973
Capital 17,200 million yen
Number of Employees 8,333(as of February 29, 2024)
Results of the Year Ended on February 29, 2024
- Total Store Sale in Japan 5,345,243 millions yen
- Revenue from operations 894,659 millions yen
- Operating Income 251,029 millions yen
- Ordinary Income 297,714 millions yen
- Net Income 211,102 millions yen
- Number of Stores in Japan 21,535(as of February 29, 2024)

Major Subsidiaries

C.E.O. Joseph M.De Pinto
Date of Establishment June 28, 1927
Capital 17 thousand dollars
Number of Stores 13,122 (as of December 31, 2023)
President and C.E.O. Greg Hanna
Date of Establishment November 30, 1989
Capital 20 million dollars
Number of Stores 67 (as of December 31, 2023)
Chairman and President Xi Yan
Date of Establishment April 10, 2008
Capital 876 million Yuan Renminbi
Chairman and President Tatsuya Fukuda
Date of Establishment January 2, 2004
Capital 44 million dollars
Number of Stores 331 (as of December 31, 2023)
Chairman and President Takeshi Yagi
Date of Establishment November 7, 2012
Capital 200 million Yuan Renminbi
Number of Stores 217 (as of December 31, 2023)
Chairman and President Hirofumi Ayabe
Date of Establishment December 2010
Capital 472.9 million Yuan Renminbi
Number of Stores 77 (as of December 31, 2023)
President Kenji Hisanabe
Date of Establishment October 25, 2017
Capital 1,500 million yen
President Noriyuki Okajima
Date of Establishment November 5, 2004
Capital 10 million yen
President Kouichi Nishii
Date of Establishment August 7, 2000
Capital 300 million yen
President Hiroaki Kihara
Date of Establishment February 1, 2000
Capital 450 million yen


Seven Bank,Ltd.
K.K. Terre Verte


President Fumihiko Nagamatsu
Director, Executive Vice President Shigeki Kimura
Director, Executive Vice President Shizuma Noda
Director, Managing Executive Officer Seiichi Aoyama
Director, Managing Executive Officer Keiko Fujimoto
Director, Executive Officer Kazutake Iinuma
Director, Executive Officer Takehiko Masuo
Director Shinji Abe
Director Seiji Oku


Audit & Supervisory Board Member Kazuhiro Matsubara
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Chiemi Takahashi
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Nobutomo Teshima

Executive Officers

Executive Officer Izuru Nishimura
Executive Officer Terutaka Kuretani
Executive Officer Shigeru Yamaguchi
Executive Officer Noriyuki Okajima
Executive Officer Tomohiro Akutsu
Executive Officer Hiroshi Matsui
Executive Officer Nao Haishi
Executive Officer Kazumi Ishimaru
Executive Officer Keisuke Yamaguchi
Executive Officer Hiroki Yajima
Executive Officer Shingo Hamasaki
Executive Officer Yoshiaki Mano
Executive Officer Xi Yan

(as of June 5, 2024)